Custom Sticker Printing in Regina

We print paper and vinyl stickers, labels, and decals and ship anywhere in Canada. Our stickers are available in any custom size or shape, die cut to perfection.

Our sticker printing options makes Print Shop Regina the BEST one-stop shop for custom sticker printing. No matter the occasion or reason, we can help you print stickers in Regina that fit your needs.

We offer every type of sticker including bumper stickers, custom vinyl stickers, die-cut stickers, and more. If you have a specific size in mind, our custom stickers allow you to decide what height and width. We even offer waterproof stickers so you can stick them on items that get wet like beer labels or bath products and packaging. Our stickers also come in different shapes and can be printed with matte, uncoated or gloss coating.

Standard Stickers

Our most popular stickers are our Standard stickers which are the most affordable and available with three coating options, matte, uncoated, and gloss. These stickers are recommended for use indoors but can still be used outdoors although they will be non-permanent. Our standard stickers are often used for packaging labels, product labels, or general purpose stickers and art.

Hard Hat Decals

Our hard hat decals are our most durable sticker. Perfect for outdoor use and are both weather and UV resistant. These extremely durable stickers can also be used for vehicle decals, or bumper stickers.

Water Resistant Stickers

A cross between our standard stickers and hard hat decals, these water resistant stickers are made of polypropelene or also known as white vinyl stickers and are typically used for freezer labels, or food packaging like bottled sauces, jar labels or any other purpose you would need your stickers to be water resistant.

Hologram Stickers

Stylish and Futuristic. Our hologram stickers have a beautiful metallic and holographic sheen that is used mostly for luxury labels or security stickers.

Vinyl Lettering Decals

Custom vinyl lettering are not actually printed at all, they are die cut from a solid colored sheet of vinyl sticker material which is both durable and long lasting. Often used for office lettering, entrance and exit lettering, or anywhere you want custom die cut letter decals.

Custom Stickers

Even though we offer an assortment of stickers and decal varieties our customers sometimes request a custom sticker or custom decal. In that case feel free to request a custom quote and we will do our best to accommodate or provide an alternative.

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